Here’s some of the lovely testimonials from our clients

“After moving from Sydney I searched for a good therapist for several years before finding Benny. I have now been seeing him for 8 years regularly.
He provides excellent remedial massage and always alleviates my pain and muscle tightness. He definitely has “the touch” he is in tune with the muscles. As a result I am spoilt and often regret paying for massages elsewhere when on holiday as they never achieve that standard.
I would recommend him to anyone who seeks excellence.”
Petra Ladwig, Medical Practitioner
“As an avid runner and athlete I required an experienced massage therapist to help with recovery and the treatment of both mild and severe sporting injuries. I am sad to be leaving Benny, the only reason being I have to move interstate.
Benny identified that when running, my landing pattern reflected hyper supination in the left foot with a neutral roll, whereas my right foot indicated more pronation after impact. Due to Benny’s observations, I was tailored a specific massage each visit addressing my antalgic gait after my stress fracture and any present asymmetry thereafter. For example, Benny would work on my peroneals on the left foot and lateral gastrocnemius, and for the right, he would focus on my posterior tibial tendon from its origin on the borders of the tibia and fibula to the insertion on the navicular. There are many more areas of my body, based on how I was feeling that he would treat effectively. Benny’s functional anatomical knowledge is superb, and I would highly recommend him for any massage from a relaxing experience to deep tissue treatment. I was impressed with Benny’s commentary when I asked him what he was doing, and he could accurately identify the origins, insertions, and functions of all the major muscles in the body and provide reason for his actions. He is truly one of a kind and I vouch for his ability to heal and make you feel fantastic.
I recommend Benny and his wonderful hands assisting you to full strength and aiding with daily functional activity. I would like to thank Benny for everything and I hope you also enjoy his company as much as I did.
Adam Hulme
B.Sc Exercise Science (HONS); MA Health Promotion; Ph.D Prob’ Student (Epidemiology & Running Injuries)”
Adam Hulme
“I have been seeing Benny regularly over the past three years for remedial massage treatment for neck, shoulder and scoliosis issues in my lower spine. Not only have I noticed remarkable improvements in the level of pain that I used to experience on a daily basis but I now rarely suffer with the debilitating headaches and neck problems that have plagued my life for the past many years. My chiropractor has also stated that since I have been seeing Benny there have been noticeable changes in my flexibility and movement of my spine. I would happily recommend Benny to anyone who is seeking treatment for any kind of ailment.”
Leisa Langfield
“I have been a patient of Benny Chu for over year, visiting him 2-3 times a month.
Ben has been treating me for a major knee complaint as well as a number of postural issues. Prior to going to Ben I underwent a 9 month treatment from a specialist physiotherapist, with little or no improvement. Since being under Ben’s care my knee has improved greatly and remains the best it has been for many years, my postural issues around hip and thoracic spine areas have been dramatically reduced.
I have been impressed with Ben’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and in particular his understanding of biomechanics. He is always willing to explain in detail not only why he has been taking a certain course of treatment, but what it will achieve and the results expected. He is very professional in his practice and has a genuine concern for his patients and their welfare.
I have been, and will continue to be, a client of Ben’s because he has a first class knowledge of his practice and methodology, and most importantly for me, he continues to give me results from his work.”
Christian Hunt, Club Coordinator
“After using the services of several physios & masseurs to relieve the pain, discomfort and limited mobility of a frozen shoulder without success & often causing more trauma to the already painful joints in my shoulder, I was ready to give up. I was then referred by a friend to see Benny Chu whom my friend thought was amazing.I found Benny to be friendly, sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable in his field. After just one treatment with Benny, I had my first pain free nights sleep in many months.
Benny has a more holistic approach and knows how to get to the core of the problem without causing pain & bruising.
I am now happy to say I am completely pain free and have regained normal mobility to my right shoulder.
I continue to use Benny’s services for regular maintenance & well being and have highly recommended his service to family, friends & clients.”
Rhonda Smith
“I discovered Benny over 12 months ago and my body has thanked him! Benny’s obvious knowledge of anatomy, trigger points and understanding of referred pain make an hour in his hands more than just a massage. He gives his complete attention for the whole treatment and that focus and care is felt through the quality of his massage. Benny has definitely been the perfect therapist for undoing the kinks and pains in my body!”
Jane, Operating Theatre Nurse
“I have known Benny Chu personally for over 2 years. Following a glowing recommendation from one of his regular clients, I have been utilizing Benny’s services for over 18 months. As a former military officer, I take great care in selecting the most efficient and professional business services: I regard Mr Chu very highly indeed in this regard. I have found his treatments to be incredibly effective in my recovery from numerous injuries.
My wife and I have weekly appointments with Benny and we have come to know him personally. He is entirely trustworthy, dedicated and industrious. He can be relied upon totally to meet appointments and commitments, and it is clearly evident that he works long hours to ensure his client base is served professionally. His therapeutic services have gained him an enviable reputation across Sunshine Coast, resulting in a rapidly expanding client list (many of them are colleagues and business associates). His techniques and treatments are truly unique; hence we have disposed of alternative osteopath or chiropractic treatments.
I have personally recommended him to three colleagues, who subsequently became regulars and it is clear from his packed schedule that his skills are in high demand.”
James Whelan, Company Director
“As a personal trainer for over 12 years I’ve experienced my fair share of masseuses during this time. I was recommended to Benny by a client of mine and after only a short period of time in my first massage I realised that Benny was different to a lot of other masseuses I have experienced.
The thing I liked most about him, was his knowledge of the anatomy. This is something obviously I am very familiar with and was very much impressed to see. His passion to correct people with postural defects and to bring them back to correct alignment is exactly what I was after and which is why I have referred my clients, and friends to him.
Benny and I share very similar beliefs, have a great passion for the human body, and both love what we do, and it these reasons why we work closely together to assist in our clients needs.”
Simon Frost, Personal Trainer
“I regret that work commitments have not enabled me to see Benny more often.  When I do see him for a treatment it is wonderfully therapeutic. He finds just the right sore point and I leave feeling much lighter, straighter and pain free.”
Ellen Mowatt, GP
“I have had great results and minimal issues with my shoulder since having treatment from Benny. I need a shoulder replacement and at a young age, they won’t do it yet. When I first had a massage in Caloundra I had a lady massage me and she told me to ask for Benny next time as my muscle mass in my back needed stronger treatment than she could not provide. Benny picked up that my shoulder was out which happens occasionally. He provides great massage technique and adequate pressure that gets into muscles to relieve their tension. He has also helped with muscle tightness and soreness from training and injuries. I value Benny’s skills that he has and I will definitely keep coming back.”
Shane Buczma, Miner/Ex-Pro Footballer
“I have experienced the gift of massage therapy from Benny.  Having had other massage therapy experiences, I would rate Benny as one of the best in his profession. He truly cares about the individual and their health. His knowledge of the mind/body connection is second to none.  He is dedicated to finding the cause of their problem, and not just the symptoms. This is why I do not hesitate to refer my patients to him on a regular basis for treatment. Keep up the good work Benny,”
Dr Darcy, Chiropractor