Sports and remedial massage is an important component of any athlete’s maintenance and training program. We understand how important this is and also how hard it is to access and funding for this can be for an athlete. We also love being able to give back to the community who supports us.

As such we are proud to have for the very first year, sponsorships for talented local athletes helping them with this vital element to their training regiment.

Benny Ka Leung Chu has always had a passion and dream to help local athletes achieve theirs. Now after 7 years of solid work in a the remedial massage industry, and by building his own business, he can finally make this a reality.

Below are two really talented athletes who are the first to have been awarded a one year sponsorship. This enables them to access first class sports and remedial massage treatment each week from Rainbow Concepts Remedial Centre.

Hailey McGinty

DISCIPLINE: Sprint Flat Water Kayaking”

Hailey in action
hailey paddling 2012

Haley’s Achievements


  • 4 Gold (K4 500m, K4 200M, K1 5000M, K2 200M), 1 Bronze (K1 500M) Medals National Championships Adelaide
  • Selection Open Australian Team Sprint Kayak
  • K2 1000M World Championships, Hungary


  • Awarded Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Scholarship
  • Awarded Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Scholarship
  • Selection Open Australian Team Sprint Kayak
  • 1st K1 Open Mixed Relay, 1st K1 900M, 2nd K1 200M Brandenburg Sprint Cup Germany
  • 7th Final Open K1 1000M World Cup, Duisburg Germany
  • 8th B Final K2 200M, 7th Semi Final K1 1000M World Championships Poland
  • Represented Australia at the World Kayaking Championships, Poland
  • Awarded Queensland Canoeing Canoeist of the year 2010


  • Department of Communities Rising Star Award from Women Sport Queensland
  • Selection U23 Australian Team Sprint Kayak


  • Selection in Surf and Kayak to London Program – Australian Sports Commission National Talent Identification

Adam Hulme

DISCIPLINE: Mid Distant Runner

Adam Hulme - Doing it Tough

Some Words From Adam

“The will to win means nothing if you haven’t the will to prepare.” This infamous quote left the lips of Juma Ikangaa, the 1989 NYC Marathon winner, and only recently have I realised the true extent of this message.

I have been running competitively for 8 years, yet for those who know me, I am known as the ‘delicate’ and ‘fragile’ runner – and for good reason! After 6 stress fractures and numerous injuries, it was time to rethink what was going on with my training and how athletics impacts on the musculoskeletal system. With Benny’s help and guidance, I have learnt a great deal about my own body, the forces that are transferred, and how to protect myself from further injury.
Benny understands the benefits of tailoring the massage sessions to suit my personal needs based on the volume and intensity of current training and upcoming competitions. In an attempt to regain some fitness and confidence, I have decided to travel to Kenya, to a little place in the hills called ‘Iten’, where many great Olympians are nurtured. I am lucky to have Benny’s support before, during and after I return from Africa and I welcome you to experience an extraordinary massage at the Rainbow Concepts Remedial Centre.
I aim to run a qualifying time at Queensland State 5000m Championships in early 2014 with a time of 14:25 – my PB at this time being 14:52. I was happy with my 15:06 during the Queensland State 5000m Championships in 2013, and given a tibial stress fracture preceding the event, I managed to place 5th.

Adam Hulme