Benny Chu
Benny ChuDiploma of Remedial Massage

“Hi I’m Benny Chu”

“I draw tremendous satisfaction from helping clients feel better thanks to my massage techniques and I consider my role as a remedial massage therapist to be a real privilege. Whether it’s someone released from the oppressive pain of a migraine headache, a professional sportsperson able to take to the field again or a golfer returning to the game they love after treatment. My goal is always the same – to help my clients live pain free lives. This has been the passion that has driven the development of the Rainbow Concepts Remedial Centre.

I started out, as a practitioner of pure relaxation massage. Although this style of massage has its place and made people feel good, the benefits can be short lived. I wanted to develop and utilise techniques, which would have a lasting effect and a really exceptional and powerful impact in improving the quality of my client’s lives. This prompted a journey of discovery. I underwent formal study and self learning, specifically researching fields about anatomy and physiology with a special focus on alignment. My goal was to develop massage treatments that would result in long-term all-round health improvement enabling my patients to live full, enjoyable pain free lives.

Since graduation I have continued researching and broadening my range of techniques and I’m happy to say that I’m now recognised as a leading practitioner of remedial massage on the Sunshine Coast. Clients have told me I have a warmth and a professional manner that puts them entirely at ease and I’m sure this has also been a contributing factor to my rapidly expanding client base, which includes professional sportspeople, personal trainers and health professionals. The key difference in my technique lies in the accurate assessment of the underlying cause of pain. This enables me to help treat the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. With practical techniques we aim to inform clients how to maintain the results achieved through their remedial massage, empowering you to maintain and improve your condition. All with the ultimate goal that you will feel great.”

Small profile about myself:
– Draftsman – 1984-1985 – Hong Kong
– Actor – 1985-1986 – Hong Kong
– Student – 1986-1988 – Hong Kong
– Bank Teller – 1988-1991 – Hong Kong
– Hotel Receptionist – 1991-1993 – Hong Kong
– Fruit Store Owner – 1993-1994 – Hong Kong
– Psychiatric Nurse – 1994-2004 – Hong Kong
– Asian Cook – 2005-2008 – Australia
– Massage Therapist – 2006-current – Australia

Current and future goal:
“I am finish my study in Cert. IV of Training and Assessment at the moment, which prepare myself provide a on the job training package to my staff.
I am continue studying and research the relationship between body aligment imbalance how to affect the musculoskeletal system funtion and how using a non-chiropractic method improve the condition of soft tissue and correct the body alignment.”


My goal is always the same – to help my clients
live pain free lives

 Working hours

Monday to Saturday 07:30am to 07:00pm