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We are dedicated to effective remedial massage right here on the Sunshine Coast. We want you to feel great, and live your life to it's fullest.

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“After moving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast I searched for a good therapist for several years before finding Benny. I have now been seeing him for 8 years regularly.
He provides excellent remedial massage and always alleviates my pain and muscle tightness. He definitely has “the touch” he is in tune with the muscles. As a result I am spoilt and often regret paying for massages elsewhere when on holiday as they never achieve that standard. I would recommend him to anyone who seeks excellence”

“I have been seeing Benny regularly over the past three years for remedial massage treatment for neck, shoulder and scoliosis issues in my lower spine. Not only have I noticed remarkable improvements in the level of pain that I used to experience on a daily basis but I now rarely suffer with the debilitating headaches and neck problems that have plagued my life for the past many years. My chiropractor has also stated that since I have been seeing Benny there have been noticeable changes in my flexibility and movement of my spine. I would happily recommend Benny to anyone on the Sunshine Coast who is seeking treatment for any kind of ailment.”
Leisa Langfield

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How We Can Help

Target your pain

For remedial massage to be effective the massage therapist needs to have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology to determine where to treat the patient and also to identify the source of the original biomechanical dysfunction.Learn More

Comprehensive assesment

The key difference in my technique lies in the accurate assessment of the underlying cause of pain. This enables me to help treat the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms.Learn More

Helping you feel great

Other benefits of remedial massage, which are often remarked upon by patients, are: improved sleep, an increase in vitality and performance levels and an enhanced feeling of general wellbeing.Learn More


Our Services

      • Remedial Massage Therapy
      • Trigger Point Therapy
      • Chinese Cupping
      • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
      • Muscle Energy Techniques
      • Reflexology
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The benefits of Remedial Massage

      • Helping you return to full function after an injury.
      • Effective treatment of conditions created by lifestyle.
      • An increased range of joint mobility and flexibility.
      • Successful treatment of stubborn long-standing conditions and injuries.
      • Toxins are released thanks to increased blood flow to the tissues.
      • Improved sleep, increased vitality and general wellbeing.
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Whatever your profession we can help you perform at your best with our remedial message treatments

We offer specific treatments which can be effective in the treatment of conditions created by workplace activities, allowing you to break a vicious cycle of pain and struggle. Talk to us and discover how we can help your specific situation.